Jayvee Advincula – Ultimate Source for Guestlist in Manila, Philippines

If you are looking for Guestlist in known clubs in the Philippines, Jayvee Advincula is the right guy for you.

Jayvee Advincula
Jayvee Advincula

Here is a historical background of Jayvee Advincula

General Manager of Goodfellas Production / Entrepreneur / Sports Enthusiast / Life of the Party / Beach Bum / Host and Emcee

About Goodfellas Productions
Goodfellas Productions is an event promotions and marketing company that offers various services ranging from weekly parties to specially themed events from Manila to Boracay.

Founded in January 2009, we’ve expanded our range from tactical events planning by adding event marketing consultancy that caters to companies’ needs via multi platforms such as guerilla marketing and photography.

We want our partners to attain brand affinity and equity that would lead to top-of-the-head recall and establish brand loyalty among the major consumers of the market.

Hosting Events:

1) Banana Peel Beach Volleyball Tournament at Boracay April 10-12, 2012

2) Aztec Night at Bamboo Bar, Boracay April 12, 2012

3) Boracay Code 3: The After Party at Epic Boracay April 12, 2012

4) TGIF Goes to Boracay at Guilly’s Island Boracay April 13, 2012

5) Boracay Code 2 Beach olympics (Charity Event) April 7 & 8, 2011

6) Reckless (UP ASSOCIATION OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MAJORS) March 30, 2011 at Manor Super Club

7) Hearts. Locks. Keys: Valentines Party at Manor Super Club Feb. 12, 2011

8) Goodfellas 2nd Year Anniversary at Manor Super Club Feb. 9, 2011

9) Manor Wicked Girl Competition Every Weds from October to December 2010

10) Channel V [V]Scene at Manor Super Club October 20, 2010

11) Eye Candy Fashion Show at Guillys QC November 26, 2010

12) KPOP NIGHT at Manor Super Club Nov. 3, 2010

13) Sweet Surrender Dessert Expo at Sitio Elena Nov. 13, 2010

14) Threshold Event at (PICC) Philippine International Convention Center (DLSU headed) Nov. 19, 2010

15) Coors Chug Beerfest at Manor Super Club Oct. 27, 2010

16) Le Grand Boudoir at Manor Super Club Sept. 15, 2010

17) Chicks n Kicks Fashion SHow at Manor Super Club March 24, 2010

18) Voltage. Energy Awareness Campaign at Fever Luxe Lounge, Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila July 12, 2011

Goodfellas Productions SERVICES

Full Coordination Package
In case you have already made all the pre-arrangements for your event, allow us to manage your special day to ensure that it turns out according to your plan.

This package includes:
• Conceptualization of the event, taking into consideration its technical, creative, financial and administrative/logistical aspects
• Review and checklist all requirements needed
• Provide client with monthly checklists of tasks to be accomplished
• Development of church processional (if wedding), program & script, preparation schedule for celebrant
• Pre-planning, conceptualization & up to staging of any event
• Set, concept and production design (lights & sounds, event styling)
• Sourcing of talents / artists for the event
• Production management
• Manpower, venue selection & other collaterals
• Assist the client in planning and managing the budget
• Source out needed supplies/suppliers for the event
• Present at least two to three of the best suppliers vis-à-vis the client’s budget
• Assist the client in assessing, choosing and booking of desired suppliers
• Set-up appointments/meetings with desired suppliers
• Assist the client in making payments to contracted suppliers
• Constant coordination and supervision of contracted suppliers
• Management of the client’s schedule and deadlines that have to be attended to
• Final follow-up of suppliers, event participants and confirmation of details before the event
• Over-all management on the event day from the preparation, church ceremony (if wedding) to reception

Semi-Full Coordination Package
An event falls under this package if client has already contracted the service of some of their preferred suppliers. The inclusions in this package are very much like the Full coordination, the only difference is there would be fewer suppliers to be sourced out.
In case you have something else in mind, we can also prepare a special package for you based on your individual requirements.

We offer our services and specialize in the following field of events:
• Weddings / Anniversaries
• Bridal Showers / Stag Parties
• Engagements
• Debuts and Birthday Parties
• Children’s Party
• Christening Parties
• Social Events
• Bazaars Organizer and Producer
• Sports Fest Organizer / Producer
• Concerts Organizers / Producer
• Fashion Shows Organizers / Producer
• Beauty Pageants Organizers / Producer
• Car Shows / Motor Shows Organizers / Producer
• Album Launchings / Movie Launching Organizers
• Corporate Events
o Corporate Product Launchings oCorporate Seminars
oCorporate Team BuildingsoCorporate Parties
oCorporate Luncheon MeetingsoReal Estate Launchings / Open House Parties
oJob-fair organizers / producer
• School (College / University) Events
o School Christmas Parties oUniversity / College National Seminars
oFoundation Day Parties
oGraduation PartiesoFreshmen Welcoming Parties
• Personal Parties
o House Warming partiesoBalik-Bayan Parties
oCongratulatory Parties
• Government-related events
• National Festivals (e.g. Bacolod Maskara festival, Cebu’s Sto. Niño Festival)
• City / Barangay’s Fiestas

Out-of-Town Rate
For bookings outside Manila an additional out-of-town rate will be charged to client to cover for transportation and other miscellaneous expenses. Rate depends on the location of the event.

Contact Goodfellas Productions: 0917 8825055 / 9753380

Detailed Contacts of Jayvee Advincula

email add: jayvee_advincula@yahoo.com
public page: Jayvee Advincula
twitter: @jayveeadvincula
instagram: jayveeadvincula
YM: jayvee_gonzalez
Mobile # 09178825055

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs Major Lazer – Can’t Hold Us Remix (ft. Swappi & 1st klase)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (Major Lazer Remix ft. Swappi & 1st klase)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs Major Lazer – Can’t Hold Us Remix (ft. Swappi & 1st klase)
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs Major Lazer – Can’t Hold Us Remix (ft. Swappi & 1st klase)

Listen and Download “Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us (Major Lazer Remix ft. Swappi & 1st klase)” provided by Major Lazer’s Soundcloud

Virtual DJ 101: A Tutorial

Virtual DJ 101

Here are the equipments that you need if you are interested in using VirtualDJ to create mixes.

*Personal Computer / Laptop

*Good set of Headphones

*USB Soundcard


*Chosen Tracks

Part 1
Setting up your virtual DJ

  1. Go to the Config or SETUP menu.
  2. Choose SOUND SETUP TAB Then select output label as headphone.
  3. Sound Cards : select 2 soundcard.
  4. Soundcard : choose your soundcard as first soundcard output.
  5. Second card : choose your soundcard as headphone.
  6. Click ok.

Understanding the DJ Techniques:
a. Beatmatching
b. Looping
c. Synchronize
d. Mixing

Beat matching
The beats should match with each other. If you are going to check the waves on the upper part of the screen, it should be same or similar with the played track.


It is best if you are going to use “8″ loops. Use your headphones first if you are satisfied with the loop, if its good then it’s good to go.

The beats of the 2 tracks will be sync and blend with each other once you click the SYNC button.

Mixing                                                                                                                                                         It is a combination or blending of 2 songs. So make sure, that the 2 tracks have the same beats.

Part 2

Virtual DJ Buttons


Internal mixer controls:

A. Volume Level

Left side volume: Deck A; Right side volume: Deck B

B. Crossfader

It is located at the bottom of the mixer wherein you can move this button from left to right. It will fade the song from Deck A to B or Deck B to A.

C. Mixer Buttons

For deck A and deck B, the 3 buttons on the middle those are Treble, Mid and Bass (From top to bottom)

D. Cue level

(volume control to headphone)

E. Cue mix

( fade to hear signal only in the headphone)



Create a sign at the track starting to play and stop the track.


I guess this is self explanatory.


Equalize beat between of the track.


This will repeat the beat or music to 1,2,4,8,16 beats.


To create cue but can make 3 cuing point . And between cue 1,2, and 3 owning different star at track which be at desk. For example : cue 1 star in 30 minute a track, then cue 2 in the 10 second.


Can be use for scratching or looking for the start spot of the next track.

Article source:

DJ Hendry and D-JVC Tumblr Site

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