DJ JVC  is a site dedicated to share my latest tracks, sets and mixes for all you music lovers.

I’m an Underground DJ and clubber based in the Philippines. D-JVC is your perfect urbanized guide to getting the best club experience in Manila. D-JVC provides club and DJ gig updates,  club reviews, access to new bars and clubs, the most happening hipstops, guestlist access and more!

I started mixing tracks way back in 2009, and since then, I already had the opportunity to go out and show my skills. In 2010, I got to be one of the Guest DJs’ at Distillery-Jupiter and then made my way playing at Izumi bar and resto sometime in 2011. From there. I also played in other restobars located in Quezon City.

List of places that DJ JVC Played:

Distillery (Jupiter, Makati)

Izumi (BGC, Fort)

Provetto (Quezon City)

HQ (Quezon City)

Historia (Quezon City)

Penthouse (Makati)

Black Market (Makati)

Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar (BGC, Fort)

Murray and D’Vine (BGC, Fort)

Publiko (Eastwood, QC)

Ralph’s Gastrolounge (Makati)

MBargo Lounge (BGC, Fort) (DJ Competition Finalist)

RedCloud (Ortigas)

Avenue 75 (Paranaque)

Boiler Room (Makati)

Alchemy (Makati)

B-Side (Makati)

Stockpile (Ortigas)

The Armory (QC)

Cable Car (QC)

Pig Tales (San Juan)

Bodega Casa Villa (Marikina)


And some private events like:

Wedding DJ in Manila, Philippines

Debut DJ in Manila, Philippines

Corporate events DJ in Manila, Philippines

Dj JVC1.jpg



Most of my tracks in my playlist are EDM. So set your expectations for progressive type of music.

My site DJ JVC  will also feature known and underground DJs’ just like me. You can check a few of my sample mixes on House-Mixes: DJ JVC. My goal is to bring a bit more focus to DJs’ who deserve to get a bit of spotlight for the dancing crowds, so watch out for them! Whether it be local or international, we are giving you the best tracks from these DJs’, as well as the most happening gigs and clubs around the metro.

Digital Marketing / SEO

Aside from being a DJ, I also work as an SEO Specialist in the Philippines. For those who might still now know how SEO works, let me share you some things about my real job 🙂

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of increasing the rank of a website on the results of search engine pages like Google. Ultimately, the goal of any SEO practitioner is to have his website occupy the most prized real estate on a search engine page: the first three spots on a search or at least within the first three search pages.

Real estate is an apt analogy for SEO—a shopkeeper would definitely want to locate his store on the main thoroughfare or major traffic lanes; on the flipside, shops hidden away in back alleys or buried inside a network of obscure streets will not perform as well as better-placed competitors.  Similarly, a website owner will need SEO to place his website on the “major traffic lane” in order to get much needed visitors and hits.  Even in the world wide web, the classic principle of “location, location, location” persists.

SEO has been experiencing a boom in the Philippines in the past decade.  With the Philippines becoming a choice venue of outsourcing in various industries, web skills among Filipinos have grown with the effective transfer of technology and the state’s educational system’s response in producing graduates with appropriate skill sets in information communications technology (ICT).  Low labor costs and a deep talent pool has web owners from around the globe seeking the expertise of SEO practitioners in the Philippines.

Advertising on DJ JVC:

DJJVC.com Traffic Stats

Alexa: 1,578,946 (Global) as of March 2014


Monthly: 5,000+ Visitors

Daily: 200+

Pagerank: 1

Other Services: Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Pay per click

Content writing and promotion

Link building

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Online Reputation Management

DJ JVC Mixes:

Soundcloud: JV Custodio

House-mixes: DJ JVC

Mixcloud: DJ JVC

DJ JVC Social Media sites:

Like DJ JVC on Facebook: DJ JVC

Personal account on Facebook: JV Custodio

Follow DJ JVC on Twitter: @DJ_JVC

Follow DJ JVC on Instagram: @DJ_JVC

Follow DJ JVC on Tumblr: DJJVC.tumblr.com

Linkedin: JV Custodio

Contact Details:

Email: jvcus09@gmail.com


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