Virtual DJ 101: A Tutorial

Virtual DJ 101

Here are the equipments that you need if you are interested in using VirtualDJ to create mixes.

*Personal Computer / Laptop

*Good set of Headphones

*USB Soundcard


*Chosen Tracks

Part 1
Setting up your virtual DJ

  1. Go to the Config or SETUP menu.
  2. Choose SOUND SETUP TAB Then select output label as headphone.
  3. Sound Cards : select 2 soundcard.
  4. Soundcard : choose your soundcard as first soundcard output.
  5. Second card : choose your soundcard as headphone.
  6. Click ok.

Understanding the DJ Techniques:
a. Beatmatching
b. Looping
c. Synchronize
d. Mixing

Beat matching
The beats should match with each other. If you are going to check the waves on the upper part of the screen, it should be same or similar with the played track.


It is best if you are going to use “8″ loops. Use your headphones first if you are satisfied with the loop, if its good then it’s good to go.

The beats of the 2 tracks will be sync and blend with each other once you click the SYNC button.

Mixing                                                                                                                                                         It is a combination or blending of 2 songs. So make sure, that the 2 tracks have the same beats.

Part 2

Virtual DJ Buttons


Internal mixer controls:

A. Volume Level

Left side volume: Deck A; Right side volume: Deck B

B. Crossfader

It is located at the bottom of the mixer wherein you can move this button from left to right. It will fade the song from Deck A to B or Deck B to A.

C. Mixer Buttons

For deck A and deck B, the 3 buttons on the middle those are Treble, Mid and Bass (From top to bottom)

D. Cue level

(volume control to headphone)

E. Cue mix

( fade to hear signal only in the headphone)



Create a sign at the track starting to play and stop the track.


I guess this is self explanatory.


Equalize beat between of the track.


This will repeat the beat or music to 1,2,4,8,16 beats.


To create cue but can make 3 cuing point . And between cue 1,2, and 3 owning different star at track which be at desk. For example : cue 1 star in 30 minute a track, then cue 2 in the 10 second.


Can be use for scratching or looking for the start spot of the next track.

Article source:

DJ Hendry and D-JVC Tumblr Site

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