Kala – Jeepney (silverfilter Deep Sands mix)

 Kala – Jeepney (silverfilter Deep Sands mix)

kala jeepney
kala jeepney

About Silverfilter:

Manila, Philippines. This Producer was put on the map by his flavorful approach to any genre of electronic music he puts his hands on. Known for his versatility and styles ranging from banging techno, to funky house, to aggressive drum and bass, to lounge and chillout, silverfilter is a man without limits. All these are brought out in the open through his live electronic sets, which are definitely an experience. He has produced and released a slew of albums done exclusively in his home studio and has even made an appearance in a number of rock and electronic albums as a remixer. His music, made up of beat-driven patterns and catchy hooks, is best experienced on the dance floor where the booming basses, pulsating beats and the infectious vibe can easily be felt all over.

Meanwhile, he continues his song writing with more albums up his sleeve. Along with that, he produces other artists as well proving he can be in front, or even behind the scene in whatever music project he handles.

Silverfilter can claim an essential part in the rise of live dance music in the Philippines due to his hard-hitting dance sets, which leaves audiences no choice but to move and groove. Fusing the live experience to the DJ vibe, every silverfilter set is sure to be the best of both worlds and has proven to entertain crowds from all over. Silverfilter’s live performances and his original tracks have already proven to be ear candies to floor-fillers, making him one of the most sought after electronic music producers in the industry.

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