Trying out Kimukatsu with Nines vs. Food

DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-1.jpg

This new restaurant at the Shangri-la East Wing Mall is a killer. And no, it’s not this samurai right here.
Check out Kimukatsu.

I got the chance of trying it out when my girlfriend/food blogger Nines asked me to accompany her at Kimukatsu. It’s not everyday that I get the chance to eat with her during her food events, so it’s all good.

But I’ve got to admit that I’m not the food critic and writer that my girlfriend is right now. I’m all about the food man! And I have been a fan of katsu houses that offers unlimited servings of rice soup and salad. But I would have to say that Kimukatsu is a must try.

DJs need to eat too, you know  check out these pics from Kimukatsu and try it soon!

Pink Himalayan Salt
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-2.jpg

These 25-layered katsus are each filled with cheese and green onions
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-3.jpg

Kimukatsu is served with pickled veggies
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-4.jpg

Looking at these juicy layers of pork.
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-5.jpg

Tonkatsu sauce, Ponzu Sauce and Salt with ground sesame seeds
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-6.jpg

Check out these sesame and soy based sauces
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-7.jpg

Our table filled with the works, including their simple but very well-cooked Japanese rice
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-8.jpg

One of my first few bites. Juicy and cooked perfectly.
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-9.jpg

Warm shrimp Salad with Japanese mayo dressing and other spices
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-10.jpg

My favourite! Yuzutama Kimukatsu — caution: it’s really spicy!
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-11.jpg

Of course, no meal is served without any dessert. Here’s their black sesame pudding.
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-12.jpg

Creamy Japanese panna cotta
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-13.jpg

Kimukatsu Take-outs in the form of these handy sandwiches with Katsu
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-14.jpg

Kimukatsu has this awesome VIP room which looks like an ancient Japanese room
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-15.jpg

Feeling the vibe with these Japanese lights while Japanese songs are being played.
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-16.jpg

Aside from the highly recommended food choices, this Japanese warrior is what really liked about Kimukatsu. Kenji, the PR Director, even wanted me to wear the warrior’s hat.
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-17.jpg
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-18.jpg

Overall, Kimukatsu is a winner. Here I am, full and satisfied, with Kenji and Nines.
DJ JVC-Kimukatsu-19.jpg

Check out their website and Facebook Page to know more about Kimukatsu.

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