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Closeup Forever Summer PrimerDSC_1883 Closeup Forever Summer Primer with DJ Thomas Gold

Closeup promises an even more exciting festival this year as they present Closeup Forever Summer, the first-ever crowd-sourced party in the country. From the theme, to what people wanted to wear, the time and place, and the music – Closeup gives partygoers control over this summer’s freshest party.

The first question posed was a choice between and Indie or an Electronica party. The recent popularity of EDM won in the polls with people’s overwhelming outspokenness about which of their favorite DJs they would like to experience at the event. Closeup also asked people to vote between the great outdoors and the comfortable indoors, and whether they preferred a vibrant carnival theme or a fresh beach party.

Enrique Gil and Coleen Garcia Enrique Gil and Coleen Garcia

After months of highly-publicized planning with over 500,000 people on social media, Closeup finally announces the details for this year’s Closeup Forever Summer music festival.

Indeed the public has…

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